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When landings are not confined to a grass runway, the pilot of an airplane shall land to:
According to JAR-FCL 1.125, the flight instruction for a student pilot shall include:

A horizontal red square panel with yellow diagonals (Fig.11), when displayed in a signal area, indicates:
An applicant for a PPL(A) according to JAR-FCL 1.100, (born on Nov. 5th of 1990), will be considered:
What do white flashes directed from the ATSU upon an aircraft in flight from the ground mean?
A Special Use Airspace area named "LGP 40", signifies:
For a PPL(A), somebody is already licensed glider pilot and applies for crediting his experience of 200 loged flying hours as PIC.How many hours are being credited in accordance with European regulation 1.120?

What is the meaning of a flashing red light signal directed from an aerodrome ATSU towards an aircraft either in the air or on the ground?
Which of the following correctly describes runway end lights?
Every contracting state, for the certificates of competency and licenses granted to any of its nationals by another contracting state:
Where must be the certificate of registration for an aeroplane be kept whilst the aeroplane is flying?
When overtaking another airplane flying in the same direction at the same level, keep the other airplane on the...
Which of the following are internationally recognized distress frequencies?
When an aircraft is sighted and you have right of way, you should maintain:
What colour are the runway markings?
According to JAR-FCL 1.120, the minimum flight experience for a PPL (A) applicant shall not be less than:

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