PPL - Air Law

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Collision avoidance between two aircrafts is the responsibility of .................

Series of red flashes from ATC to aircraft in flight, means:
The minimum vertical distance from clouds on a VFR flight, in 5500 ft and outside a controlled airspace, is:
According to JAR-FCL 1.120, the minimum flight experience for a PPL (A) applicant shall not be less than:
According to the Article 32 of the Chicago Convention, in every aircraft engaged in international air navigation:
You are following the railway line from Alexandria to Tempi. To which side of the railway line should you fly?

A large white letter L, indicates an area normally of grass reserved for landing and take-off of:
Which of the following is true?
What do white flashes directed from the ATSU upon an aircraft in flight from the ground mean?

Which of the illustrations, signifies an area unfit for movement of aircraft?

A marshaller with arms extended, palms facing inwards, then swung from the extended position inwards, indicates:

You see a rectangular red/yellow chequered board,on the side of the ATC tower. This declares:
On the ground, an aircraft commander overtaking another aircraft on the manoeuvring area, must pass to the................................of the aircraft being overtaken.
When several aircraft are approaching to land, the one which is lower shall have the right of way unless:

Marshaller's right arm raised at elbow with thumb erected.

What is the correct combination of the following light signals from an ATC to an aircraft on the ground?

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