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On the ground, an aircraft commander overtaking another aircraft on the manoeuvring area, must pass to the................................of the aircraft being overtaken.

Whilst overflying an aerodrome where you intend to land, you notice a white "T" with a white disk at its head, as seen in Illustr.a. What does this mean?
The license being issued, for a maximum period (JAR-FCL 1.015) of

A signal consisting of a black letter "C" on a yellow background, as seen in Fig. 4, means that:
No aircraft shall be flown acrobatically except under:
An intercepting aircraft, wishes to signal that the aircraft being intercepted can proceed. What is the signal?
Every contracting state, for the certificates of competency and licenses granted to any of its nationals by another contracting state:
After submitting a flight plan for a flight in uncontrolled airspace, the planned departure time is delayed by more than an hour and a quarter due to the aircraft's late arrival from its previous training flight The appropriate action would be to:
If the privileges of the PPL licence are to be exercised at night:
For a PPL(A), somebody is already licensed glider pilot and applies for crediting his experience of 200 loged flying hours as PIC.How many hours are being credited in accordance with European regulation 1.120?
A Special Use Airspace area named "LGP 40", signifies:
The holder of a pilot license (A) who has not already an instrument rating IR(A), appropriate to the same category, shall not act in any capacity as a pilot of an aeroplane under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), according to JAA-FCL 1.175, except as a pilot

A continuous red light directed from the ATSU upon an aircraft in flight, means:

An intermittent red luminous beam directed from the ATSU upon an aircraft on the ground, means:
If you wish to overtake another aircraft in the air, you should:
According to the Chicago Convention, the following documents must be carried in every aircraft:

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