PPL - Air Law

The test consists of 16 questions. You are given 18 minutes to complete.
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A pass in the theoretical knowledge examination (in accordance with App.1 to JAR-FCL 1.130 & 1.135), will be accepted for the grand of the PPL during the next,
When an aircraft is sighted and you have right of way, you should maintain:
A student pilot can fly a SOLO flight:

Steady red light signal from ATC to aircraft in flight, means:
What is Cabotage?

A red letter L displayed of the white bump-bell, signifies that:
An aircraft is following a track along Axios river, oriented from Delta of the river (Delt pt), to Polykastron airport (Falia pt). Should keep that feature:

A double white cross signal, indicates that:
According to JAR-FCL 1.125, the flight instruction for a student pilot shall include:
At night you see the white navigation lights of an aircraft about 3 nautical miles ahead whose range is decreasing. The situation is:
You are about to release the brakes on the aircraft. What signal should you give the marshaller?

A marshaller, starting with arms down, palms facing inwards, then swinging his arms inwards from the previous extended position, signifies:
You are in level cruise at night and observe both an anti-collision and red navigation light that appear to be at the same level, and on a steady relative bearing of 35°. The lights also appear to become closer. That indicates:
According to JAR-FCL 1.090, a student pilot before the solo flight must be

Orange and white markers or flags, along the boundary of the designated area indicate:
When two aircraft, at approximately the same altitude, are converging, what action should be taken by the aircraft that has the other on its left?

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