PPL - Air Law

The test consists of 16 questions. You are given 18 minutes to complete.
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Marshaller's hand overhead with appropriate number of fingers extended and circular motion of right hand at head level. That indicates:
An applicant for the first skill test on a single-pilot multi-engine aeroplane, must have a flight experience of:

You see a rectangular red/yellow chequered board,on the side of the ATC tower. This declares:
What is responsible for the adoption of international standards?
Taxi-Holding Position is:
An overtaking situation is said to occur when the overtaking aircraft is within .............. degrees of the overtaken aircraft's centerline?

A horizontal red square panel with one yellow diagonal, when displayed in a signal area, indicates:
No aircraft shall be flown acrobatically except under:
When several aircraft are approaching to land, the one which is lower shall have the right of way unless:
Aircraft approaching to airport with total radio failure, receives from ATC a light signal consisting of white flashes. That means:
The applicant for a Private Pilot License:
For a PPL(A), somebody is already licensed glider pilot and applies for crediting his experience of 200 loged flying hours as PIC.How many hours are being credited in accordance with European regulation 1.120?
When is the only time that you turn left when approaching another moving aircraft?
An aircraft may not fly over an open air gathering of more than thousand of people, who are witnessing or participating in any organised event, within:

Marshaller's arms by sides, palms facing forward, swept forward and upward repeatedly to shoulder height.
Acrobatic is .....................

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