PPL - Air Law

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What is the correct position of stable navigation lights on an aircraft structure?
You are about to release the brakes on the aircraft. What signal should you give the marshaller?

The meaning of large white or yellow diagonal crosses whose arms are at an angle of 45° to a runway (Illustr. b), or taxiway (Illustr. c), centre line displayed along a section of runway or taxiway, as indicated, means that the:
Which of the following does TORA include?
When two aircraft, at approximately the same altitude, are converging, what action should be taken by the aircraft that has the other on its left?
The minimum vertical distance from clouds on a VFR flight, in 5500 ft and outside a controlled airspace, is:
For the revalidation of a touring motor glider class rating, the pilot must log within the 12 months preceding the expiry of the rating, to complete
Two aircraft are closing on a constant relative bearing. The aircraft that has the other to its left has the right of way and should maintain:
Whilst flying on a northerly heading at night, you notice the green navigation light and anti-collision light of another aircraft on a relative bearing of 20°. Is there a risk of collision if both aircraft continue close enough on course?
An intercepting aircraft, wishes to signal that the aircraft being intercepted can proceed. What is the signal?
When in Hospital or Clinic admission for more than (12) hours, or in surgical operation or invasive procedure, then (in accordance with JAR-FCL 1.040) the license holder must:

A horizontal red square panel with yellow diagonals (Fig.11), when displayed in a signal area, indicates:
You are following the railway line from Alexandria to Tempi. To which side of the railway line should you fly?
In the event of a delay of ........(i)........ in excess of the estimated off block time for a controlled flight or a delay of ........(ii)........ for an uncontrolled flight for which a flight plan has been submitted, the flight plan should be amended, or a new flight plan submitted and the old flight plan cancelled, whichever is applicable.
Select the combination that correctly completes this Statement.
When several aircraft are approaching to land, the one which is lower shall have the right of way unless:
Which of the following Annexes to the Chicago Convention, contains International Standards and Recommended Practices for Air Traffic Services (ATS)?

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