PPL - Air Law

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The navigation light on the starboard wing of an aircraft, shall be:
The urgency signal means that the aircraft:
Single-pilot single engine class ratings are valid (in accordance with JAR-FCL 1.245) for
The holder of a pilot license (A) who has not already an instrument rating IR(A), appropriate to the same category, shall not act in any capacity as a pilot of an aeroplane under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), according to JAA-FCL 1.175, except as a pilot
What colour are runway edge lights?
You are about to release the brakes on the aircraft. What signal should you give the marshaller?
Flying in formation:
What does a white line drawn across a runway indicate?
According to JAR-FCL 1.090, a student pilot before its first solo flight shall be at least:
A flight plan must be filed:

Commander raises arms extended palms facing outwards, move hands inwards to cross in front of face. That indicates:
An aircraft may not fly over an open air gathering of more than thousand of people, who are witnessing or participating in any organised event, within:
Except when necessary for take-off or landing, flights over the congested areas of cities, towns or settlement or over an open-air assembly of persons, what is the lowest flight altitude for a VFR flight to be flown?

A marshaller repeatedly crossing his arms above his head, shows:
What do white flashes directed from the ATSU upon an aircraft in flight from the ground mean?
A Special Use Airspace area named "LGP 40", signifies:

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