PPL - Aircraft General Knowledge

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Spark plugs receive their high tension supply from:
Induced Drag:
Air density reduces with altitude because:
The type of gas that is stored in a small cylinder attached to a life jacket and used to inflate the life jacket is:
The restrictive throat of a carburettor venturi changes the characteristics of the air that passes through it. TheseĀ are:
The operation of a mechanically steered nose wheel is normally accomplished by:
The angle of attack of an aerofoil may be defined as:
Carbon monoxide gas is highly toxic. Should a leak occur in the exhaust/air heat exchanger allowing carbon monoxide to enter the aircraft cabin:
Water based fire extinguishers are most effective when extinguishing burning
Complete the following statement.
Detonation of the Fuel/Air mixture in a piston Engine is usually associated with:
A wet sump engine:

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