PPL - Aircraft General Knowledge

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The crankshaft in a piston engined aircraft:
Take-off Safety Speed may be defined as a target air speed that provides a safe speed margin in excess of the stalling speed where the margin is never less than:
When a fuel priming pump is used before starting an engine, the fuel is normally delivered directly to:
DI or heading indicator is susceptible to apparent drift which is a function of:
Information regarding aircraft that may legally be fuelled with MOGAS may be found in:
A DI may be aligned with the magnetic compass by:
An increase in aircraft weight amongst other things will:
A magneto that inadvertently becomes disconnected from its ignition switch will:
Elemental to one complete Otto Cycle is that each piston moves:
The restrictive throat of a carburettor venturi changes the characteristics of the air that passes through it. TheseĀ are:
The use of take-off flap will result in:
When a magneto is selected OFF, the switch located in the primary circuit:

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