PPL - Aircraft General Knowledge

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In straight and level flight, the air flow over the wing's upper surface compared with the air flow unaffected by the wing Will have:
When refuelling, to ensure that the correct type of fuel is used, both the fuel itself and tank labels are colour coded. The primary colour for all labels relating to 100ll is ….(i)… and the colour of the fuel itself should be …..(ii)…..
What is the function of an idle cut off valve in a piston engined aeroplane?
When a magneto is selected OFF, the switch located in the primary circuit:
100 amp/hour battery will, in theory , supply 20 amps for up to:
A VSI is a rate instrument that senses ...X... pressure which it then converts to a rate of change of ...Y... pressure, to indicate ...Z... speed.
Which of the following prevents excessive engine oil pressures?
All aircraft have prescribed positive and negative 'G' load limits which form part of the Certificate of Airworthiness. If it is suspected that the positive 'G' load limit has been exceeded if only for a short period and by a small amount:
The percentage oxygen content of the atmosphere at higher altitudes compared to that at lower altitudes:
A piston engine fuel/ air mixture ratio, ideally, should be in the region of:
Toxic carbon monoxide fumes that may enter a cockpit in the event of a heat exchanger malfunction:
After starting a cold engine, if the oil pressure gauge does not indicate within approximately 30 seconds:

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