PPL - Aircraft General Knowledge

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It is important to carry out regular checks for water in the fuel system, as the presence of water will cause:
Deviation from the maintenance schedule specified in the Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A):
A wet sump engine:
The percentage oxygen content of the atmosphere at higher altitudes compared to that at lower altitudes:
Which of the following employ either an air or electrically driven gyro?1 -Radio Magnetic Indicator

2- Horizon Indicator
3- Turn Co-ordinator
4- Rate of Turn Indicator
5- Vertical Speed Indicator
6- Heading Indicator
If a static vent became blocked at cruise level, how would this affect the barometric instruments during a subsequent descent?
Aircraft maintenance carried out that does not concur with the maintenance schedule quoted on the Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) will:
When a fuel priming pump is used before starting an engine, the fuel is normally delivered directly to:
The safest extinguisher to use on a wheel assembly fire is:
Minor aircraft maintenance which a private pilot is legally permitted to carry out:
Water based fire extinguishers are most effective when extinguishing burning
The use of take-off flap will result in:

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