PPL - Aircraft General Knowledge

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When compared with perfectly dry air at the same temperature and pressure, air which contains a maximum amount of water vapour will have a
Wheel spats that have become heavily contaminated with soil and grass:
The use of take-off flap will result in:
An aircraft that has been overstressed:
The International Standard atmosphere assumes that the ambient temperature:
A piston engine fuel/ air mixture ratio, ideally, should be in the region of:
If the appropriate manual or check list is not available to deal with an engine fire during flight, you should:
Two 12 volt 40 ampere-hour capacity batteries connected in series would result in a total capacity of:
A stalling angle of attack is increased by 'slots' because:
A flying Control lock:
High cylinder head temperatures can be reduced by:
The centre of pressure by design is behind the aircraft centre of gravity which is balanced in straight and level flight by:

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