PPL - Aircraft General Knowledge

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Information transmitted to the cockpit mounted engine oil temperature gauge is provided by a temperature sensor located :
The recommended practice in respect of life jackets for flight in light aircraft over extensive areas of water is that they should be:
Elemental to one complete Otto Cycle is that each piston moves:
The gyro of a heading indicator continuously precesses during flight operations and should be regularly realigned with the magnetic compass:
The centre of pressure by design is behind the aircraft centre of gravity which is balanced in straight and level flight by:
If a static vent became blocked at cruise level, how would this affect the barometric instruments during a subsequent descent?
Minor aircraft maintenance which a private pilot is legally permitted to carry out:
The speed scale of an airspeed indicator is colour coded. The green band is:
If, on a single engined aircraft, the only alternator or generator fails during flight:
Differential aileron where the Up going aileron moves further than the down-going aileron is a design feature that helps to counteract:
All aircraft have prescribed positive and negative 'G' load limits which form part of the Certificate of Airworthiness. If it is suspected that the positive 'G' load limit has been exceeded if only for a short period and by a small amount:
The valve which allows oil to either flow through or by-pass a serviceable engine oil cooler is:

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