PPL - Aircraft General Knowledge

The test consists of 12 questions. You are given 25 minutes to complete.
To pass you need to score 75%

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Wheel spats that have become heavily contaminated with soil and grass:
A Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) in any category:
Operating an aircraft knowing that It has a flat battery:
The valve that allows oil to by-pass a blocked engine oil cooler is:
Which of the following prevents excessive engine oil pressures?
Ferrous objects in close proximity to a magnetic compass will:
DI or heading indicator is susceptible to apparent drift which is a function of:
For every two crankshaft rotations in a piston engine, the camshaft rotates:
When compared with perfectly dry air at the same temperature and pressure, air which contains a maximum amount of water vapour will have a
A wet sump engine:
The type of gas that is stored in a small cylinder attached to a life jacket and used to inflate the life jacket is:
The operation of a mechanically steered nose wheel is normally accomplished by:

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