R22 - Emergency Procedures


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If a difference is observed between the engine and rotor tachometers during flight:
The R-22 vertical fin may permit limited controlled flight after a Loss of tail rotor thrust during forward flight:
Each tach, the governor, and the low RPM warning horn are:
The pilot notices during flight that the auxiliary tank is approaching “Empty”, while there is still lots of fuel in the main tank. Given that the pilot remembers from ground school that the two tanks are interconnected, she is very worried.
If the engine governor malfunctions
Power failure above 500 FT AGL, begin cyclic flare to reduce rate of descent and forward speed
The procedure to adopt when the tail rotor fails is:
Several possible plans of action are specified in the manual when there is an emergency. The following lists possible plans as they appear on the R-22 POH.
Best glide ratio in Maximum glide distance autorotational configuration is about:
If power failure occurs at night:

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