R22 - Load, balance and servicing


The test consists of 10 questions and you are given 10' to complete the test.

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When determining the Lateral CG position consider:

1 out of 10


2 out of 10

The fuel is located aft of the CG of the helicopter causing the CG:

3 out of 10

When determining loaded helicopter weight and CG position and backrest cushion is used:

4 out of 10

Moving the helicopter on ground handling wheels requires at leas:

5 out of 10

PARKING in windy conditions, align rotor blades:

6 out of 10

An equipment list giving helicopter configuration empty weight and center of gravity:

7 out of 10

Hazardous is the installation of any electronic equipment or avionics:

8 out of 10

Each time an item of equipment is installed or removed:

9 out of 10

When may the aircraft be jump started if the battery is not capable to start the engine after a 10-15 min charging?

10 out of 10

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