R22 - Performance, flight planning and monitoring


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The Height-Velocity diagram has been demonstrated:

1 out of 10

The recommended height at which 40 KIAS must be achieved during takeoff is:

2 out of 10

The Height-Velocity diagram has been demonstrated:

3 out of 10

Indicated airspeeds (KIAS) shown on graphs assumes:

4 out of 10

The low hover point on the H-V diagram:

5 out of 10

Hover controllability has been substantiated in

6 out of 10

Satisfactory engine cooling has been demonstrated to an outside temperature of:

7 out of 10

Hover performance data presented in section 5 of the POH was obtained:

8 out of 10

The high hover point:

9 out of 10

There is no shaded area (other than the high speed/low high) on the H-V diagram for speeds above:

10 out of 10

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